Can Soul Knight Be Played on PC? Everything You Should Know

ChillyRoom created Soul Knight, an Action game. For an immersive gaming experience, BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac.

Soul knight is what kind of game is it?

Soul Knight is a Run-and-Gun shooter that also happens to be a Roguelike. ChillyRoom created it for the Android and iOS platforms, and it was released on February 17th, 2017.

Where can I get Soul Knight?

Nintendo Game Details for Soul Knight on the Nintendo Switch.

Is it possible to play Soul Knight online?

Online multiplayer is the most popular feature requested by many Soul Knight players. Online multiplayer mode has been in closed beta for a few weeks,

as some of you may have heard from TapTap community sources. We intend to make it available as a public beta in the very next Spring Festival update.

Is Soul Knight playable on the Nintendo Switch?

1.0). The price has been set at 11.99 USD/10.99 EUR. A player will receive all 14 characters with the purchase; all items in the lobby, character upgrades, and skins can be unlocked with gems.

Please keep in mind that the NS game currently does not support multiplayer mode.

In Soul Knight, what role does Death Note play?

The Death Note is a Legendary Miscellaneous Weapon in the game. Tags and kills the nearest enemy in sight in 1 second.

Only if the attack was successful is energy deducted. Once an enemy has been tagged, the player can switch to another weapon while the weapon remains operational.

What is the price of Soul Knight?

Soul Knight was originally available for free on smartphones, but the Switch version will cost $11.99 / €10.99.

For that price, players will receive all of the content that was added to the game prior to the 2019 Easter Update (version 2.1).

What exactly is a scammer in Soul Knight?

The Scammer is an NPC who can be found in the first room of a level. He sells the player’s most recently used buff slot for gold, allowing the player to choose a better buff.

He is unable to remove the bonus buff of fully-upgraded characters, as well as any other extra buffs that do not occupy buff slots.

Is Soul Knight available for Android?

Download Soul Knight 3.4. 0 for Android.

What is the number of levels in Soul Knight?

There are 15 levels. The main goal of Soul Knight is to complete as many levels as possible by defeating enemies in order to obtain the Magic Stone.

A total of 15 levels must be completed by the player. If the player makes it through all of the levels, they win the game.

How long is soul knight?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 1 20m
All PlayStyles 1 20m

In Soul Knight, where is the secret button?

the Living Area Secret The gallery in the Living Room leads to the Signal Room. Its entrance replaces the Gallery and is located above the sofa on which Paladin and Knight are sitting.

What is the Soul Knight secret code?

Soul Knight Codes (Cheats / Secret Boost Codes) JipxQl – Unlock new areas. PLsW6a – Play without internet. VE2Xzx – Restore the health of the character. klT9C0 – Unknown boost.

What is the best way to host Soul Knight?

Begin Multiplayer. The host must be one person. They select the room name after pressing the Host game button (SoulKnight by default).

Is the Soul Knight game available offline?

Although Soul Knight can be played without an internet connection, some unlockables can only be obtained with one.

What are the requirements for obtaining the robot in Soul Knight?

Unlocking Instructions Initially, this character can be found in the Workshop as the Damaged Robot. When you interact with it with the Engineer,

a prompt will appear asking for 20 Parts and 20 Batteries to repair it. When it is repaired, the Robot will say Hello World!

Is it possible to transfer Soul Knight data from Android to iOS?

Select “Move Data from Android.” Go to “Google Play Store” on your Android phone and download and install the Move to iOS app. On both your Android and iPhone, tap “Continue.” On your Android phone, tap “Agree” and then “Next.”

How do I move my Soul Knight data to a different device?

You can transfer your account to another device with the same operating system by reconnecting to your Game Center or Google Play account on the other device,

as long as you have saved your game in the respective cloud using the guides below.

Soul Knight, what does the void sword do?

This weapon is extremely effective against small groups of enemies. The player can attract enemies and decimate them with one or two sword swings.

What does the Valkyrie’s Feather do for Soul Knight?

Unlocking Boss Rush Mode requires the Feather of Valkyrie. Obtaining three feathers for the first time is one of the requirements for unlocking this mode. Playing Boss Rush Mode, where only one feather is needed to begin a run.

In Soul Knight, what does whisper of the dark do?

This weapon launches copies of itself at a high rate of speed. When it collides with something, the dagger emits a laser-based explosion after 1 second and has a 20% chance of spawning a Skeleton armed with a sword or a bow.

When the attack button is held down, this weapon significantly increases the player’s movement speed.

How much does it cost to level up a Soul Knight character?

1 star: +1 health for life (cost: 500 gems) 2 stars: +1 armor for life (cost: 1,000 gems) 3 stars: Constant +20 energy (cost: 1,500 gems) 4 stars: Shortens skill cooldown by 2 seconds (cost: 2,000 gems)

How do you get Lava Knight?

Lava Knight – Unlocked by sharing a poster with this skin to social media.

  1. This skin does not have the usual head-bobbing animation.
  2. It has an animated flame scarf.

What is the total number of weapons in Soul Knight?

There are 393 weapons. Weapons are objects that can be used to defeat enemies, break crates, and perform other tasks.

There are 393 weapons in total, with four of them being event-specific (the seasonal weapons that only appear during CNY) and one being unnamed (glitched drop by the Shared Robot follower, no longer obtainable.)

What is the fastest way to get gems in Soul Knight?


  1. Talking to the Mail Guy once a day.
  2. Watching advertisements at the Fridge.
  3. Buying them with real-world money.
  4. Luckily earning them from the Gashapon Machine.
  5. Planting and harvesting Gem Flowers (288 gem) or Gem Trees (222 gem)
  6. Completing and claiming the rewards of achievements and Task Board challenges.

What role does gold play in Soul Knight?

is one of the game’s four currencies. During runs, it is used to worship statues, hire followers, fire Money Gun,

and purchase potions or weapons from the shop. Before beginning the run, upgrade the Safe in the Living Room to gain some gold.

Soulknight is owned by whom?

ChillyRoom, the developer of Soul Knight, is working on two new mobile games.